A Business-Friendly Environment

Kendall County businesses benefit from the State of Texas’ business-friendly tax policies.

These quick Texas tax facts help tell the story:

Here’s a look at taxes affecting Kendall County businesses:

Below is a list of Incentives and Programs that, if eligible, the State of Texas can offer new or existing businesses.

  • Texas businesses pay sales and use tax, franchise tax, unemployment insurance tax, and ad valorem (property) tax.
  • Franchise Tax: This is based on a corporation’s taxable capital and earned surplus. The current rate for taxable capital is 0.25% for the privilege period. The tax rate for earned surplus is 4.5%. The amount taxable on both is determined by gross receipts from business done in Texas, divided by gross receipts from all business done in and out of the state.
  • Unemployment Tax: All Texas employers pay state unemployment tax. A new employer is taxed at 2.7% of the first $9,000 on individual earnings for at least six quarters to establish an experience rate. After that time, the employer may qualify for a rate adjustment. 2.7% or NAICS industry average whichever is higher.
  • Ad Valorem (Property) Taxes: These are levied by all applicable local taxing authorities based on a property’s market value on January 1 of the tax year. Properties may qualify for special exemptions on valuation if a valid application is filed by April 30. Texas businesses do not pay an inventory tax, but inventory is taxed as personal property.
  • State Sales Tax Exemptions: These include tangible property which will be a component part of a manufactured product or consumed in processing, sales delivered out of state, and a number of other items, including food.