There are over 5,200 residential lots completed or in the planning stage and Kendall County is expected to grow 18% over the next 5 years. This growth will continue to create economic opportunities in Kendall County.

Due to the rapid growth of the San Antonio area, Boerne has seen considerable growth in recent years, and there is a likelihood that Boerne will absorb population growth at a faster rate. Occupancy rates in Boerne are above 90%.

The county’s housing market is steady, as these Kendall County housing facts show:

  • In 2016, homes sales rose by 6.1% in Kendall County, with 658 homes sold.
  • Total home sales in Texas rose 8.37% in 2016, with the average home price of $262,892 and a median price of $212,000.

Kendall County Home Statistics

2015620 Homes sold

2015$335,860 Median Sales Price

2015190 Residential Building Permits

2015$307,500 Average Building Permit

2015Texas – Total Homes Sold: 287,730

2016658 Homes sold

2016$350,000 Median Sales Price

2016354 Residential Building Permits

2016$289,408 Average Building Permit

2016Texas – Total Homes Sold: 302,061

2017$370,995 Median Sales Price through Q2 2017