For example, the City of Boerne has initiated a study to create a master plan for a mixed-use development in South Boerne. “SoBo” will incorporate residential options, retail storefronts, office space, dining and entertainment options, all in a walkable community that lets people live, work and play in one dynamic location.

The Boerne Kendall County EDC is committed to supporting efforts to create opportunities for businesses to grow in a way that adds to the quality of life in Boerne/Kendall County.


For more information on Mixed Use Development in Kendall County, please contact Misty Mayo, President/CEO, Boerne Kendall County EDC.

830-331-9070 |

We’re excited about the energy and leadership at the EDC and the economic development opportunities it’s pursuing to grow Kendall County.

It’s important to have the EDC out there in regional and national circles putting Boerne and Kendall County at the table with companies looking to expand and grow. The quality of life, viability for corporate relocation and expansion, a top-rated school district that is staying ahead of growth and low tax rates are all reasons that so many young families are moving to the area.

Charlie HillDH Investments &
BKCEDC Executive Board