Each of our investors understand the importance of business growth and the impact it has on our area communities. This understanding along with their devotion allows for the ability to promote economic growth and vitality at every level.

As an investor, you are able to:

  • Boost the region’s economic growth by collaborating with residents, local businesses and government leaders to promote and secure economic strength and sustainability.
  • Connect within our network of investors to advance community outreach at both the personal and professional levels.
  • Subscribe to all news and announcements, receive recognition on the BKCEDC website and on select marketing materials.
  • Attend Investor-only meetings, events and networking opportunities.

Your investment can open the door to further participation on our boards or one of our committees.

An elite group of business and community leaders form a part of the EDC’s Executive Board. These investors serve as primary ambassadors who influence the strategies and economic competitiveness of the community as a whole.

The Board of Directors is formed by a wide variety of business leaders and representatives from diverse industries and perspectives who contribute valuable support on issues involving local development and growth.

A targeted group of Platinum investors make up our Advisory Board and focus on driving our vision and future opportunities. Bronze level investors are a fundamental part of the EDC promoting and advocating growth and prosperity in our vibrant community.

Join Boerne Kendall County EDC and play a unique role in enriching our community and economic environment.

To find out more, contact us.

Invest Now

We have a very engaged business community, with many of us working to help guide growth in Kendall County in the right direction. The EDC is searching for the type of businesses we want to see in our community.

As a longtime member of the business community, I feel it’s our duty to become an investor in the EDC and support their efforts to attract jobs into the area.

Mike LangKendall County Abstract Company &
BKCEDC Board Member