Help for existing businesses.

We assist area businesses with finding resources and connections for their continued prosperity and growth.

That’s why we are here to serve:

  • Companies seeking to relocate here
  • Existing local businesses
  • Businesses looking to expand in our community

For example:

  • When Albany Engineered Composites, an international company with a Boerne presence, needed to double the size of its existing facility in Boerne, the BKCEDC helped them obtain $1 million from the Texas Enterprise Fund and the City of Boerne and Kendall County Tax incentives. That investment led to Albany adding over 200 jobs in Kendall County in manufacturing for aerospace and defense contractors.
  • There are countless other examples of the EDC assisting local companies to ensure they stay and grow in Kendall County.

If you need help growing or expanding your existing Kendall County business, call us at 830-331-9070.

Relocating your business to Kendall County

Kendall County seeks new business partners to cultivate for our mutual benefit. In a county that is projected to add up to 30,000 new residents
by 2025, you’ll find a dynamic site for your growing business.

When you are interested in a opening a business location in a thriving environment with an excellent quality of life, let us help.
Call us at 830-331-9070.


Growth Targets

When your company is considering a new location, call us at 830-331-9070 to learn how Boerne Kendall County EDC can help.

We are actively recruiting the following targets to consider expanding to Kendall County:

  • Bioscience and Healthcare:
    All health and medical businesses, including research and development. Only 20 miles from one of the nation’s largest medical centers, Kendall County is an ideal base for companies and individuals in this field.
  • Advanced Technology & Light Manufacturing:
    Kendall County’s excellent utilities systems can support a variety of technology and light manufacturing, especially for environmental and water-friendly businesses.
  • Retail & Service:
    Residents of Kendall County enjoy one of the highest per capita incomes in the state. The population is growing rapidly, with growth of up to 30,000 new residents in the next decade. It all adds up to a thriving environment for the retail and service industry.
  • Corporate Headquarters
    With a business-friendly government, excellent infrastructure (including a new fiber optic cable network and gigabit Internet service), a prime location, one of the most highly educated workforces in the state of Texas and a quality of life that attracts the best and brightest, Boerne/Kendall County makes an ideal site for your corporate headquarters.


For more information on How We Can Assist You in Boerne/Kendall County, please contact Misty Mayo, President/CEO, Boerne Kendall County EDC.

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