15th Fastest Growing
MSA in Country

5th Fastest Growing
County in the Country and 3rd Fastest in Texas

*For counties over 10,000

18% Population Growth
Projected in the next 3 years

Kendall County is the  fastest growing county in Texas and the second fastest (7/15-7/16) in the country, with an 18% population growth projected in the next three years. This growth is supported by a diverse economy and a business-friendly environment that includes low taxes, economic development incentives and a well-educated population. New ultra-high-speed Internet service, up to 100 Mbps download and upload, now available in our region drives entrepreneurialism.

Due to Boerne’s close proximity to San Antonio, the local economy is strongly influenced by the greater San Antonio – New Braunfels Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) economy. As the Texas population continues to expand – especially within Central Texas – so will Kendall County. Central Texas’ population is expected to see substantial growth within the coming years, which means the City of Boerne and the greater Kendall County area will experience strong growth as well.

210,200 New Jobs
in Texas in 2016

When compared to the rest of the United States, Texas’ economy is rapidly growing and becoming more and more diverse. Population totals for the state show significant increases within recent decades, and that growth is expected to continue. In 2000 the population of the state was approximately 20.9 million and increased to 25.1 million by 2010 (a 20.6% increase). Estimates project Texas’ population to grow an additional 3 million people between 2010 and 2018, a total of 28.1 million people, or an increase of 12.1%. Per capita income for Texas residents in 2013 was $46,475, and the median household income was $53,616. The Texas economy has arguably been the strongest economy in the U.S. since the economic downturn, and that trend has continued to hold true since 2010. In 2010 Texas’ unemployment rate was 8.1%, and current unemployment rates are near 4.5%, versus a national average of 5.2%. Another impressive statistic that speaks to the resiliency of Texas’ economy is the Bureau of Labor Statistics report that shows Texas gained 210,200 in 2016 , 150,500 in 2015 and 252,400 jobs in 2013, which ranked third overall in the nation.

San Antonio – New Braunfels MSA 2020 Projected a Total Population of 2,462,271

(14.4% Increase 2010-2020)

Kendall County benefits from a strong regional economy that has a solid foundation in the biosciences and healthcare; the aerospace industry, information technology and cyber security; high-tech manufacturing; renewable energy and a robust military presence. Combine that with an expanding infrastructure of roadways, award-winning schools, outstanding healthcare and plenty of space for your growing business, and it all adds up to a vibrant, dynamic location in Kendall County for your company.


I’ve had my office in Kendall County since 2002. We do business worldwide from Boerne. I’m a living testament — you don’t have to spend hours each day in traffic and you can have a great quality of life. The growth potential here is astronomical. It’s a great time to be in Boerne.

John Mark MatkinKendall West Utility